Reflection and Creation

About Moraldi

Reflection and Creation

About Moraldi

Reflection and Creation

About Moraldi

Moraldi, reflection and creation

The paintings of Moraldi used to be remotly figurative. But that was a long time ago and his way – pertinacious and purposive – brought him, with no doubt, where he had to be. It’s another moment. An abstraction full of searching. Risky – and bare – compositions where, again and again, this audacity leads to a positive destination.

If his painting was then, until a certain point, a speech about an alien reality, this one has been lost over time and has become reflexive, so that it became about itself, able to comunicate to us. Almost a meta-painting.

In this sense, Moraldi’s works are fully pictorical, profoundly plastic. The object that says is also the object said. There is no reason unrelated to the plastic that in the plastic looks for translation and communication. It’s a reflection about art from art. Painting refers to itself. It doesn’t represent, no, but it is. And so, being, it appears to us.

Moraldi doesn’t read and reread the other  reality to give us, about it, vision, interpretation and story. Moraldi makes reality.

Throughout his career – he retrieves here and there when he deems it appropiate or relevant – reappears, pesistence from lessons learned, again and again in his works, thankful to the most nutritiuos and diverse sources. This enriches. Author. His work. To the beholder and, from itself, recreates and grabs it, because his work always leaves wide margins open for participatory observation and the end particular and provisional.

Because of this we don’t have to be surprised that, in his vast work –  a tireless worker of wise search and humble finding – they meet again and are twinned in different ways, even divergent styles that respond to times and also different moments never completely abandoned.

It is not difficult for one who looks with perseverance and knowledge, to find frequently and rightly. A work, then, full of discoveries. But self discoveries,of course, from a highly trained view and the self expertise of a restless career.

Jesús Romero
Director of the museum of the city of Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz – Spain)



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